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Learn how to get citizenship by investment in Cyprus with the company Vazir Group

Vazir Group offers financing packages, so that you can request your passport for investment, that is to say, that if you want to invest an amount of 2.8 million euros, you will be asked to have at least 688,000 euros and the rest will be lent to make the total investment.

For you to be eligible for the citizenship by investment in cyprus program, you must have a minimum investment amount of 688,000 euros, and the rest of the investment can be provided by Vazir Group.
Visit this website and know what to do! The first thing is to pay the signing fees of 10,000 euros, which will allow you to receive a checklist, and then collect the documents requested for the application, approximately the time it takes this process takes one month.
The second step to achieve Citizenship by investment in Cyprus, through the services offered by Vazir Group, is the financial process; this group of people helps you select the assets suitable for investing.
After the selection, you must acquire the property and pay additional fees, to choose the regular option, and to be able to have the Cypriot passport, among other steps you must complete is the opening of a bank account in Liechtenstein, Vazir Group, is in charge of doing what.
After opening the account, you must make the transfer of 688,000 euros, and automatically make a transfer immediately with the loan of the rest of the money, to cover the requested fee of 2.8 million euros.
The preparation and submission of the Citizenship by investment in Cyprus application, followed by the collection of biometric data, then you will be assigned an immigration card, which will be issued to you after the authorities approve your request.
This passport will give you the possibility to work, live and travel to other places without a problem, after the country’s government authorities approve your Citizenship by investment in Cyprus.

Achieve the best services for immigration consultant Edmonton with high reliability and quality at Immigration Nation.

Immigration consultant Edmonton group has proved to be the particular best team in terms of consultant and assistance in terms of immigration. We understand that a migrating from one nation to another is not a very easy job and so getting proper guidance is really crucial so you should our organization and acquire proper help for your program procedure.

Our own consultancy immigration services Edmonton is split into 6 categories that are mainly the express entry, the family sponsorship, the provincial nomination, the actual temporary overseas workers, students, the short-term resident visa. We understand your own need for looking for an immigration consultant near me. Immigration consultant Edmonton has also many past lines who have trusted blindly our company for their function and our single device team had provided all of them with the most finest quality advice feasible which has benefited them generating them make it through the entire process as fast as possible. So if you are searching for specialist solution in terms of search crucial decisions we and services will be the right choice for your contact.

We provide the particular best solutions which assists you to make it through any of your records and report proofing processes in a very short time. So get associated with us and also book the consultation today at a very reasonable price. Immigration consultant Edmonton specialist team will continue to work individually in your own case individually and perform extensive study especially on your project which will help you to keep up to date using the current procedures and rules and present you with the best options possible, specifically in tough decision-making methods. You can also get a free of charge assessment of one’s document and get through effortlessly with the whole procedure with the aid of our organization. The sole difference between some other organization and best immigration consultant in Edmonton services is that our expert group believe in promoting solutions and also assisting our clients furthermore in their decision-making concerns which in fact turns out to be a boon for our consumers and thus assists them get through the negative disappointment of caught in the entire procedure.

Immigration Nation – Immigration Consultant Edmonton
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