If you are based in Dubai and willing to migrate to Canada, you can apply as a business migrant. canada immigration from dubai is easy for an entrepreneur capable of buying an existing Canadian business or start a new business there. If you apply as a business migrant along with the documents required, you may get approved faster than any other country since Canada is an immigrant-friendly nation. The various streams in the business immigration program are explained in this article.

Various streams of Business Immigration to Canada
The four business immigration streams available are
• Self-Employed Program
• Investors’ visa
• Entrepreneur’s visa
• Business Visitor visa
Self-Employed program
As the name suggests, this program is for the self-helping individuals who can work for themselves with minimal investment in any of the fields either technical, artistic, or service sectors. They can get approved showing financial balance and their ability to contribute as an individual.
Investor Visa
This is a Canadian program of attracting potent investors around the world to invest in the economy of Canada by providing them permanent resident status also to their family members. The minimum investment will be calculated based on the source of that investment either from a venture capital firm or a Canadian Angel investor group. It may range from $80000 to $250000.
Entrepreneur’s Visa
This is another business-oriented program by which you can get permanent status for both yourself and your family by taking up a Canadian business or starting a new one creating jobs and growth in the Canadian economy
Business visitor visa
This is a special program for the temporary period in which you can be in Canada to attend any international business meetings or the likes. You should meet only limited requirements to get approval but you should not interfere directly in the Canadian economy in any way.